Matsu (slayerz) wrote in dualshock,

No need for The Suffering

According to my sources, the newest survival horror game named The Suffering is supposedly gonna ship it's way to the shelves this year.

From what I heard, the game is supposed to also be very promising. You play the part of an inmate named Torque who is on death row for killing his family. However, before his sentance is carried out, a raid of ghosts and zombies come through and attack the prison, where Torque finds himself free of his cell.

Despite the heavy blood, violence and disturbing imagery, I don't know too much more after that, except for the fact that there is three different endings that are so disturbing that you may be scared to play it twice.

They say the game's visual performance is grand and it carries alot of weight thanks to a stellar audio system. I have great hopes for this one, and I hope it'll come soon. I can't WAIT to play it @_@... been a while since I've had a good horror game.
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