Stealthgear (stealthgear) wrote in dualshock,

ICO review

Well I thought i'd pick this one up because it was getting rave reviews as the most underrated game ever ETC. Well it turns out this is the most overrated underrated game ever made. There is just nothing too unique about it except character design. The gameplay an environments are boring. The levels are sparse and not interactive, as well the puzzles in the game are hardly puzzles. What is worse there is actually a fighting engine. Your a little boy with a stick and you beat ghosts. Its very repetitive. The entire game is an escort mission where the girl your trying to save is completely dumb and helpless. There were times when I was completely stuck. But it happened to be when I didnt have the patience that I had to hold down a button for a somewhat lenghty period of time while the girl was trying to climb up. Most of the hard parts of the game were figuring out controls like that, or figuring out that you can use part of the environment to do something. NOT using your brain for anything complex or redeeming.

Save yourself and get Devil May cry which came out at around the same time, and is much more fun to play, has better ghosts, and weapons. Plus you won't have to drag around a girl that deserves to be left behind.

Note: I stopped playing this one halfway through, after I found out online that there is a final "BOSS" at the end of the game. blech.

This one should have been some kind of exploration or puzzle game. I would have liked a nonviolent or smarter way to defeat ghosts than beating them with a stick. If they had to use violence, please give me a grenade launcher.

I was liking the graphics and animation, and the sound was okay. If was I supposed to feel that this game was mystical or enlightening somehow as the graphics suggested, they shouldn't have backed it up with gameplay that might have been revolutionary on a PC in 1998.
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