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Christmas Ps2 Season

The new slim PS2....awesome....EXCEPT it doesnt use disk drive. Thanks sony for cancelling a good idea. I was really anticipating new SOCOM maps to download, but now you kill the hard drive. If you look inside the original ps2, you'll notice a huge empty space. Hey, maybe they should have not done expansion in the first place and would have had a mini ps2 already...and you just know the power supply is going to be on the outside of that thing. Blech. The PSone redesign was revolutionary, I mean I can put it in my backpack, and take Wip3out anywhere with a tv. The slimeline Ps2 looks like a long book, which isnt as nice to transport and has moving parts (disc drive eject) which is a downside. Sony has made bad choices. Its a megacorporation. You know because they JUST decided to add Mp3 to their new walkman lines.

GT4 is not getting Online play. FUCK that. I've been waiting at least a year and half for Gran Turismo online and its not coming this christmas.
I think the GT series is another under the guidance of Sony if I'm not wrong along side of SOCOM.

I would get xbox, but its $10 a month online. The xbox and sony models are on making money first not good games. There is no reason to pay extra for internet service you already have. Massively Multiplayer games might be an exception.

I still have faith in 3rd party PS2 developers and Sega, as well as the gamecube system is still a "gamers game system" (Can you say Ikaruga?) but not as cool as the dreamcast (which I havent aquired yet, and still plan on doing)

New cool stuff. The eyetoy is getting new games from Sega and an "Air Boarding" game that you use your body and arms as the controller.

Also this is pretty sweet for consoles:

There is not a single game I'm waiting for this christmas however. I still need to play Katamari Damacy, PSI-OPs, Burnout 3 and a few others however.
I'm really interested in the new wave of First Person shooters....Call of Duty, Halo, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament not all coming out for PS2. My mac is too old to run any of these as well, but I'm still an old UT fan.

Snake Eater should be a good game, but I don't see it passing MGS2. Its been so long since I played MGS2, that I'm not interested. Its been too long since their first preview of the game even. HOWEVER, If it turns out to be like the game incarnation of the movie PREDATOR I will piss my pants!

I was VERY excited about the anouncement of Timesplitters 3 (SHIT YES!!! X 4000) Timesplitters 2 was better than Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. It was just so classic, so everyone should still pick it up. I lost my copy, I'm going to get another. The developers really know what they were doing in creating game that is true to the FPS genre.

Nintendo DS, pretty cool. Sony PSP maybe. In america you will still look like a loser carrying any of these, unless it doubles as a phone. The nokia ngage is still WTF.

The outlook is not as good as I thought. After this winter PS2 is going to be pretty dead, unless they start making more original games. There will be one more wave of "sequel games" if were lucky. But thats really sad to me, because if I wasnt playing those in 2002 I wont be in 2005.

I guess you can tell I need a dose of dreamcast...really bad.
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