Matsu (slayerz) wrote in dualshock,

Metal Gear Solid 3

What? Why are you reading what I have to say? You could be gone out to your nearest game retailer, buying this incredible piece of work and playing it yourself! Go... get off the computer and go and get it. Now.

Rating: Too damned good to be put on a scale.
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OMG!! I can't wait to play it now!!!!!!!!!!!whhooo
Indeed... it'll be very well worth your wait. Hideo Kojima and his team are brilliant. Much thought was put into this game... Talk about some magnificent gameplay mechanics... I totally loved it.
I think I am actually the one and only person in the world who is disappointed with this game. I hate that there is no radar screen. I don't care that this makes the game more difficult. I love a challenge, but everything just feels like guesswork now. Before (in MGS2, of which I am a die-hard fan) the fun came from watching the guards' patrol patterns and exploiting weaknesses in their routines.

I also think some of the new accessories Snake carries around are lame attempts at realism. The medical supplies for example -- they're all just so tedious! He's got a cut...suture, stiptic, antibiotic, bandage...repeat. This tried to make it more realistic, but it ends up taking you out of the immersive game world every time Snake gets a scratch.

I'm not saying this game is horrible, or even bad by definition. It's got great controls, gorgeous environments, and a fantastic storyline. It's just not living up to my expectations, and is really making me wonder how everyone can love it so very much. I really want to love this game, and I'm definitely going to keep playing. But for me, it will never replace MGS2.
You have to keep in mind that the game takes place in the 1960's... so soliton radar and nanomachines (codec) didn't exist yet. Plus, Konami wants players to try to make use of the items that weren't so great in MGS2 (like the AP Sensor, which was virtually useless, unless you were playing without radar). You had to make use of the AP sensor, Motion Detector, and Sonar if you were to stay out of the enemy's sight.

Ah, you're right. The guards' patrol patterns were all too similar. A real soldier would never use the exact same pattern for his patrol, which is so for MGS3, making the game even MORE realistic.

Hell... as for the cure system... this game could basically teach you about outdoor survival, it's just too similar to the real world.

I could go on... but that's all for now