good news for all Mortal Kombat fans who are ps2 & xbox owners. there is a new MK coming out. not sure if its designed to futher the story line or be more like MK Trilogy. the supposed features this will have:
" 60+ characters. Almost every character from all previous MK games (Motaro, however, was noticeably absent from the Game Informer picture and it is said he "might not make the cut").
Improved air kombat.
Directional throwing.
New Deathtraps.
All new konquest mode that will play similarly to Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.
Kustom Fatalities - Each character will have a pre-set of around 20 moves in which to dispatch their opponent.
Kreate-a-Fighter - Every detail of the new characters, like appearance and attacks, will be created by the player.
Build your own Fighting Style - You choose which attacks your kreated kharacter will use in their fighting style, then name it!
The Krypt will be replaced by "The Vault", and all of its contents will be unlockable through any play mode. " - that all sounds good to me.

GT4 First impressions

The graphics on this game could compete with any xbox title. Its very excellent. The engines sounds are twice as good as gran turismo 3. They finally got them right. The tracks are much better too.

Sadly there is not enough on this disc to keep you happy. This game is more half baked than the GT3 release. What is sadder is how long they had to make this game right.

Online mode missing
84 Pontiac Fiero SE missing (I guess they must have cut a bunch of cars and didnt say anything!)
No official drift mode (unless I can't find it in the badly done, slow loading, mess of menus)
The cars are jerky now instead of smooth like GT3. Cornering gives you some kind of indescribable headache with the use of the stick. The bumpers on the curves don't feel right.
No Damage - This would be okay, except its replaced with 5 second penalties that slow your car down. They are penalizing me for the programmers not putting in car damage!
The "car encyclopedia" they talk about in reviews is a myth. Definitely not every car in those original car lists are on there.

Overall, its a complete disappointment. I spent more time in the slow menus looking for things than racing when I first booted the disc.
This game is badly designed overall and not finished despite how polished everything looks.

So get this game if your really interested in a specific car that actually made the cut. It will look awesome and handle almost like the real thing.
You'd have to be crazy for playing through this one if you've already played through GT3 or GT2.

*note* I tried getting this game online with a hack. Search "xlink kai" and there is a whole community of people that play LAN modes in games over the net. But it just didnt work that well. I never got into the game because the sequence for setting up a match was so difficult, even after I had setup my computer and router perfectly. Playing online with hacks for this one seemed like a total waste of my time.

Good things I liked about the game

1. They fixed the braking. Braking feels real compared to GT3
2. It has new cars, like Mustang, GTO (sounds like a F1 upgraded!), and Scions, Subaru WRX.
3. Graphics are sweet
4. Photo Mode

Overall. It doesnt have my car that I drive in real life, or an online mode. Considering this was the only thing I was looking forward to..everything else in the game is a waste of my time. I can't recommend it really unless you need to feel a new physics engine or see what the PS2 can really do. I'm sure there will be better ones in the future.

midnight club 3: dub edition

Its an okay game. The city they made is pretty amazing, but you can tell that it was built so you can keep driving in a straight line in every direction for racing. The GTA style levels don't really make sense when its just racing. It makes getting and completing the next race very annoying. The load screens are a little slow. This game doesn't give you enough upgrades or prize cars when completing races. After about 2 hours playing it, I'm still stuck in the same 64 impala, which is really boring.
The game physics aren't as good as NFS:Underground. The cars seem really jerky. Basically this game is a mix of a rap music video, GTA, Burnout, and NFS, and it doesn't do either well. The car customization is pretty fun, but every part costs a little bit of money...money you should save to upgrade the performance or save to buy the next car. So basically there is no point to upgrade your car too much if you want to win the game. The music is really good in this game. Really really good. It doesnt sound as good as the NFS underground games. NFS:1 has cooler looking customization options and more import cars and is actually better than Midnight Club 3. If your really into cars, I don't think you'd like this game...even though they offer tons of customization options, and even liscense plates from every state and year...the game is kind of depressing and lacks focus.

NFS Underground:1 is a better, more competitive, game than this, with waaay better looking cars.
So far I'm looking forward to play NFS Most Wanted.

Metal Gear Solid 3

What? Why are you reading what I have to say? You could be gone out to your nearest game retailer, buying this incredible piece of work and playing it yourself! Go... get off the computer and go and get it. Now.

Rating: Too damned good to be put on a scale.